"Setting the Standard for Excellence in Christian Education"



  • All school directors must have a ministry-related degree at least equal to the degree programs they are offering.
  • All officers and faculty of your school must exemplify good Christian character.
  • Immoral or unbecoming conduct by a staff or personal must not be tolerated.
  • You must be totally honest in your school advertisements, catalogs, etc. All promotional literature must be truthful.
  • All full-time instructors should possess an earned degree and must offer earned degrees. (No honorary degrees allowed)
  • Each school must maintain a web page/site that lists it's courses
  • Each school must maintain a permanent student record/transcript for graduates.
  • Faculty to student ratio must reflect a realistic workload. 
  • Admission policies must be in accordance with anti-discrimination laws.
  • Institutions must provide students with a website, catalog, bulletin, or information sheet describing its programs of study. 
  • The literature should  not attempt to mislead students into believing that the I.A.C.S. is connected with any governmental agency.
  • All schools must be in general harmony with fundamentals Christian teachings.
  • On campus colleges must provide adequate classroom facilities to accommodate student needs. 
  • Students must be advised of all fees, tuition, and refund policies if any prior to admission.
  • There should be a record keeping system to maintain files and student records.
  • Students shall have access to their own transcripts.
  • Schools must understand their vital relationship with local Churches.
  • Schools should be able to demonstrate a satisfactory period of ethical operation.
  • Submit annual membership fee of $125.00.


The I.A.C.S. includes some of the most spiritually effective schools in the world, as we accept only good Bible teaching institutions, that promote global evangelism and discipleship.

We accredit Christian schools on both the undergraduate and graduate levels both colleges with campuses and colleges without campuses. But none of our Christian educational institutions offer any secular programs or degree.

The I.A.C.S. is whole-heartedly dedicated to global evangelism and discipleship and happy to include colleges and universities located overseas, provided they communicate with us in English.

Some of our schools started out as a modest weekly classes for local students in a store-front building or home. And we included some small special interest institutions who have elected non-traditional methods of instruction delivery such as audio, video tapes, cds, online and correspondence courses. 


The I.A.C.S. will not accept into membership any colleges or universities which include in their curriculum courses on metaphysics, parapsychology, psychical research, hypnotism, E.S.P., Eastern-types of meditation, or the theory of evolution or reincarnation. We reject all so-called new-age, neo-paganism, humanistic, occultic, and any other scripturally based teachings. 


As the Church has traditionally recognized three ranks of those called to the ministry: 1) Christian Worker, 2) Licensed, and 3) Ordained; even so, the accreditation process is identifiable in three distinct phases: 1) Applicant, 2) Associate, and 3) Accredited. But with the I.A.C.S. you will not have to wait three to five years to get through the steps.

  • Applicant or Provisional Status: This means that a school has submitted an application with the fee, and we have acknowledged that the school is in existence. This period lasts for up to 90 days.

  • Fully Accredited Member Status: This means that the on-site visit report has been approved, or the special evaluation reports have been verified and accepted, and that the I.A.C.S. has concluded that you have met or exceeded the minimum standards set, and that your school have been awarded the Certificate of Accreditation.Membership Application.


Upon our determination that your school has satisfactorily met or exceeded the predetermined professional standards of the I.A.C.S., you will receive a beautiful Certificate of Accreditation to be displayed in your school office or classroom for all to see. It certifies that you are recognized as a reliable Christian school engaged in teaching God's Word. It shows that we have judged your school as a legitimate and worthy school, offering quality instruction. It states that you are a member in good standing with the I.A.C.S. and indicates that you are pledged to maintaining educational excellence.



Member schools receive an online Wall Certificate which can be printed for display and have permission to place our logo and information on their web sites to show that they are recognized as accredited member. Annual renewal fee is $125.00.

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