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International Association of Christian Schools (IACS) - provides accreditation for Christian schools, churches and ministries, with a mission of training and equipping followers of Christ for works of service. All applicants must present a completed application with all of the required documentation listed on the application. Upon verification, a letter of approval and a certificate of accreditation will be provided. Our member schools must first be ordained and accredited by God which is the only true standard for acceptance into Kingdom service. It is this standard that sets us up and beyond the rest. Our accrediting process is not based on man-made purposes or agendas, but based solely on the purpose and mandate of Christ... "to go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations." It is this authority by which we operate and function as an accrediting agency appointed and anointed to assist those who are called to fulfill the Great Commission given by Christ, until the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God. 

If you are looking for a secular (non-ministry related) education, it is advisable that you seek a secular school for your education and training, but if you are seeking a spirit-filled education and practical training in ministry and biblical studies that will equip you to teach, lead, and serve in Christian Ministry and promote the Gospel of the King of God, then our schools offer what we consider one of the best options available. The I.A.C.S. is not affiliated with, not seeks to be affiliated with any government agency and is designed solely for the expressed purpose of providing accreditation for member schools who are training and equipping followers of Christ for Christian service.




By definition, the word "accredit" means to authorize, endorse, and officially approve of. We offer non-traditional accreditation  by which churches, schools, and ministries agree to adhere to specified standards in order to encourage quality and excellence in their education and training programs. Even-though church and ministry-related schools are not legally required to become accredited, it provides credibility and a good standing for others know that you are recognized as a competent and viable school by your peers. Accredited status with the I.A.C.S. means a school has voluntarily submitted to a comprehensive examination to determine that it operates at a high level of  excellence and quality performance as evaluated by a company of their peers in Christian education.


The I.A.C.S. allows churches and ministries to training their staff and members in-house, rather than sending them off to some school which may have an entirely different purpose other than equipping their students for Christian service. This helps to ensure that your students are receiving instruction in line with your core principles. Most of the graduates of our member schools are actively serving around the word as: Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists. 


Anyone making an effort to motivate people to study the Scriptures is to be highly commended; and those inspired by God to found a Bible school certainly deserves recognition. The production of your curriculum and the development of your programs can represent years of labor intensive work. Starting a Bible Institute is a very great accomplishment, and accreditation is the public crowning of that achievement. Every Theological Seminary was unknown when it first began, and it usually requires years of consistent performance to build a good reputation and Christian education institutions need all the credibility that they can get from  qualified leaders in the Christian Education and Ministry field.

In the commercial world of today, consumers have learned that all is not what it appears to be so "buyers beware." Likewise, if a student is going to expend time, effort, and money to obtain a degree, it is particularly important to know of the legitimacy, integrity, and prestige of the institution from which it comes. And how can a prospective student know if the school he or she is considering is of good quality or not? Well, they must realize that an outside viewpoint is more likely to be objective. So, an accrediting agency serves as a kind of consumer protection agency in the field of Christian education to ensure as far as possible that a school is what it says it is and does what it says it does.

So, the first question in the mind of an informed prospective student should be, "Is your school accredited, and if so, by whom?" Government agencies provide no valid oversight roles over schools for religious and ministry training, therefore we do not require our schools to submit to such unnecessary measures. All other things being equal, a smart prospective student would definitely prefer an accredited school over an unaccredited one. For example, if you are studying dentistry you should go to a school that is accredited by others who practice dentistry and if you are studying to be a mechanic, you should attend a school that is certified or recognized by other mechanics as providing high quality and relevant training in that field and the same is true for those studying to enter the field of ministry, you should attend a school accredited by those who are actually practicing ministry. Accreditation through the I.A.C.S.  assures our students their their school has been evaluated by other qualified Christian educators who  are active in the same field of study.


The I.A.C.S. is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a significant contribution to the promotion of the Kingdom of God through global evangelism and discipleship. We are governed by a Presbytery of seasoned Christian educators, all of whom live a life that adorns the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are committed to seeing His Kingdom established and expanded around the world.


  • Establish standards of evangelism and discipleship training among member institutions.
  • Provide accreditation to deserving schools.
  • Monitor and evaluate compliance with set standards.

We specialize in Christian Schools, Bible Colleges, Theological Seminaries, and Bible Institutes of all sizes, including both traditional and non-traditional programs. We are also concerned with helping any church or ministry which may not fit into any denominational mold,to develop a viable school. The I.A.C.S. holds itself accountable to God and it's member institutions. We are a non-governmental association and do not seek to be recognized by any governmental agency or engage in partisan political activities. Unlike national accrediting associations, which provide approval for a particular region and nation, the I.A.C.S. is established as an international association, which recognizes schools globally in order that they may fulfill the global mission that Christ gave to make disciples of "all"  nations.


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